Our Wedding Part II: The Reception at Gjelina

The second most asked question I get is, “Does photographing weddings help you get clear on what you want for your own?.” Yes. Whenever I work an event or wedding, I take note of what feels good [...]


Our Wedding Part I: The Ceremony at Culver Hotel

The question I’ve gotten most in my career is, “So who is going to photograph your wedding when you get married?.” I got married last weekend, and my friend Taylor Kinzie photographed the [...]


The Difference Between Wanting to do a Good Job and Trying Too Hard

There’s a clear difference between wanting to do a good job and trying too hard. When someone wants to do a good job, it’s for themselves. They have self-love and it makes them feel good. The [...]


Giving Things A Fair Chance and Getting Over My Fear of Bees

The longer you avoid something because you’re scared of it, the scarier it becomes. Pete took me to a Bee Keeping class for my birthday. He knows I like new and unique experiences, so visiting a [...]


Remembering my WHY

I’ve thought about quitting Wedding Photography recently. I’ve been a Wedding Photographer now for 11 years and have reached a place where I think, “Now what?.” My career feels like it’s on [...]


What Going To Dance Classes Has Taught Me

Reasons I go to dance: To exercise To work my brain and improve my memory To practice self-expression To get into my body To practice listening To let go So I can be one of those old people on [...]


Taking Responsibility For How I Feel

One time I was at a wedding taking photos of guests seated at tables. It’s a nice part of the day because by this time people have had food + drinks, so they tend to be more relaxed and [...]


Avoiding The Negative Spiral

I got the news about the mass shooting in Las Vegas while I was abroad in Thailand. One man who decided to end the lives of innocent people enjoying themselves at a concert… Things all of [...]


Photos From My Trip To Sri Lanka: Beruwala & Kandy

I love friendly people, island life, animals, delicious healthy food, and tropical fruit, so it’s no wonder I like everything about Sri Lanka. If you are planning to travel there, I wrote [...]


I’m Going to be a Pushy Bad-Listening Mom

My friend got married yesterday in LA. Weeks before, I got into crazy planning mode and asked her loads of questions. “Do you have a dress yet?” (Her answer was no. I almost went out to start [...]