The Langham Pasadena Wedding: Jennifer & Eli

Jennifer & Eli. A beautiful couple and a beautiful day at the Langham Pasadena! Planner: Aquafuzion Events   Save Save


Giving Things A Fair Chance

The longer you avoid something because you’re scared of it, the scarier it becomes. Pete took me to a Bee Keeping class for my birthday. He knows I like new and unique experiences, so visiting a [...]


Remembering my WHY

I’ve thought about quitting Wedding Photography recently. I’ve been a Wedding Photographer now for 11 years and have reached a place where I think, “Now what?.” My career feels like it’s on [...]


Wedding Vendor Referrals in the Los Angeles Area

I only refer people and businesses who I feel can really deliver! Below are a list of Wedding Vendors who I stand behind. I stand behind their hard work, talent, and integrity. Wedding Planners: [...]


Utah & Arizona Road Trip

I’ve wanted to visit Utah for SO long and finally got the opportunity to go with a couple friends. We had 3 days and went to Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend. [...]


Christine Chang “Love from London” Workshop

I’m am thrilled to head back to London to host my “Love from London” Photography Workshop! Details below. Space is limited. Sign up by clicking here. This workshop is for [...]


Down Wedding Hair Inspiration

Below are ideas of how you can wear your hair down/down-ish for your wedding. I’m including pictures from workshops and real weddings I have photographed throughout different parts of the [...]


Palos Verdes Engagement Session: Carl & Christine

If you’d like to do your photo session on beautiful rolling hills next to the ocean, look no further than Ranchos Palos Verdes. Even on a cloudy day it’s gorgeous. It ranks one of my [...]


What Going To Dance Classes Has Taught Me

Reasons I go to dance: To exercise To work my brain and improve my memory To practice self-expression To get into my body To practice listening To let go So I can be one of those old people on [...]


March 25th Photography Workshop with Scott Robert Lim

Are you stuck in a particular price range? What should you be charging for your skill level? What is the market value of a photographer in your area? Join special guest Scott Robert Lim at my [...]