8 Reasons Why I Love Living in LA

This year marks my 10th year living in LA. When I first moved here, all I thought was that the city was too spread out, the people superficial, and there was way too much traffic.

After a couple years, I understood why people get sucked in to living here. I’m not trying to say what is better or convince anyone anything. This is simply a post about why I have grown to love it.

Note: This is an “in general” post. I understand not everything or everyone in Los Angeles is like this.

1. The weather

No brainer. Spending extended periods of time in cold places like NYC and London REALLY make me appreciate our sun. Not too hot, not too cold. Sure there is a lack of seasons, but it’s possible to get a seasonal fix by doing occasional travels. I enjoy living near the beach and having the majority of days sunny in the mid-70’s.


2. Lots of creatives.

As a tech person would love living in the Bay Area, I love LA because there are a ton of creatives. There are people out and about all day because the film industry doesn’t have a set 9 to 5 schedule. Conversations overheard at coffee shops are about creative projects and ideas. It’s a language I understand, and finding someone to collaborate with is easy.


3. Uber, Lyft, & Car culture.

I view my drive time as an opportunity to listen (really loudly) to my favorite jams and podcasts. The traffic can get really congested, but as long as you know what to expect you can prepare for it.

Running errands is also a breeze. Grocery shopping is easy when you get to throw everything into your trunk. I’m over the days of lugging heavy groceries around a city and then up 5 flights of stairs. Temporarily? Yes. Every day? No thanks.

Calling an Uber & Lyft is also extremely convenient in LA. With a city full of actors and part time workers, tons of them drive  Uber or Lyft to make extra money, meaning you can get a car within minutes ANY time of day.


4. People are into fitness and eating healthy.

In general, people are really into being fit and it’s nice to have that motivation and support. I also appreciate the variety of fitness facilities offered (makes it easier to work out when it’s constantly in your face!). Dance, cardio barre, yoga, pilates, soul cycle, orange theory, boxing, aerial arts, endless hiking trails…

I also love the healthy food options. Green smoothies, acai bowls, raw unprocessed food. Oddly enough, I also like the taste. My sister calls it bird food.


5. Trend setters.

As a creative, I like to be innovative and at the forefront of trends. I enjoy seeing things develop before they catch onto mainstream.


6. Entertainment.

There are fun things to do any day of the week. Outdoor movie screenings, amazing music, food and craft festivals, beach volleyball, art galleries, themed parties… I had a British guy stay in my Airbnb once and he said, “There isn’t much to do here besides shopping, is there?.” There are a ton of things to do in LA! I think the difference is that you have to know where to go to find them. That can take time. Most people I’ve spoken to who have moved here (myself included), said it took them a good 2 years to develop their friend circle and social rhythm in LA. Once you do, it’s fun as hell.

108b85147. Dogs

This town is full of crazy dog people, and I get to pet them on the street all I want! Other cities have dogs too, but I have found people aren’t as friendly about letting me pet and play with them. Or maybe I just look creepy.


8. People are friendly.

A lot of people will acknowledge and smile at you. I was sitting in traffic the other day and the woman in the lane next to me smiled and asked me to roll down my window. I thought she needed directions but she said, “Where did you get your bubble tea? (She saw me drinking one). It looks amazing!.” Super friendly. Striking up conversations with strangers is easy in LA because it’s likely that it will be received well.


These are some of the reasons I love living here. On the flipside, there are also the not so good things, i.e. I’m in the Bay Area (San Carlos) right now visiting my family for the holidays. I like it because it feels like the holidays. All shops close and the roads are quiet because almost everyone is celebrating at home. LA can have too many distractions, which can make it…superficial. Lol!

What are your favorite things about where you live?


Christine Chang
Christine Chang is a Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer based in Los Angeles.
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