How To Create Awesome Bokeh In Photos

Bokeh = The soft orbs of light/blurred out background in photos. In this video I show you how to get the best bokeh in your pictures! Apologies if I sound like I’m yelling. The music was [...]


Mom’s Closet: A Photoshoot Gift For My Mother

My mom’s house got robbed a few months ago so my sister and I went over to help her clean. In the process we bagged up things to donate, like hundreds pieces of clothing from the [...]


The Time I Flew To Copenhagen For Lunch

A buddy of mine got reservations to NOMA in Copenhagen (voted best restaurant in the world), and asked who wanted to come. I said “Meeee!” You know your life is pretty good when you [...]


London Blogger: Sarah Mikaela of Framboise Fashion

I was sitting in a coffee shop in London and noticed a cute girl working next to me. By the way she was clicking at her computer, I asked, “Are you a fashion blogger?.” Things like [...]


Photographing The Aurora Borealis in Fairbanks, Alaska

I decided to end the year with checking one last thing off my Bucket List, and that is photographing the Aurora Borealis. I rented a cabin on a farm in Fairbanks with my 2 best friends, and had [...]


2015 – The Year Of Checking Off My Bucket List

I strive to make each new year the best year of my life, and at 33 years old, I can confidently say this year has been the best one yet. The biggest reason being – I chose myself as number one [...]