Hartley Botanica Wedding: Teresa & Mahyar

Teresa & Mahyar’s are my first clients who asked if I could shoot part of their wedding with film. I tell ya – THAT put my photography skills in check. Can you tell which of these [...]


Why I Choose My Friends

*Disclosure: This post is a little rant-y. I got inspired to write this after reading this article on Huffington Post.  I’m going to Alaska this coming New Year’s to photograph the Northern [...]


How To Shoot A Wedding Ceremony

In this video I show you how to photograph a wedding ceremony, ninja style! Video by Tim & Co.


Palau Pacific Resort Wedding, Micronesia

Newlyweds Torsten & Marine got married in France, and continued their marriage celebration in Palau (where they currently live) by having a party with a local friends.  After the party we [...]


Travel Color Inspiration

One thing I find most inspiring about traveling are the colors.  Everywhere on this planet has it’s own set of unique colors. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, the colors change [...]