Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Dear Christine – My drive has been weak…I’ve been blaming my pregnancy for lack of work, but it’s really my lack of confidence.  I’ve done so much free work due to that fear.  I don’t want to disappoint.  Please help!

I was talking to my friend the other day who owns a pet-sitting business.  She said, “I raised my prices and got 5 new clients in one day.  Funny how that all works.”

It’s true.  If you undercharge or don’t charge at all, you are basically saying to the world, “Hey, this is what I’m worth.”  People pick up on a lack of confidence.  With service-related industries, people actually prefer to pay more because it makes them feel at ease.  I wouldn’t go to a Dentist who charged $10 for an exam.

What’s the worst that is going to happen if you start charging people or raise your prices?  Let’s see . . .

-People won’t want to pay your rates
-People will say you’re expensive
-People will hire you and then get mad if they don’t like the pictures

I’ve had all three happen to me multiple times and guess what?  I’m feeling fantastic!  🙂

A lot of times, getting something is literally as easy as asking for it.  Want to take someone out on a date?  Ask them!  How are you going to know or even give it a CHANCE, unless you ask?!

The thought of rejection is scary but think about it for a sec.  What does getting a “no” even mean?  Absolutely NOTHING.  Collect “no’s” every day.  It gives you the opportunity to practice that they don’t mean anything.  The more the merrier.  It means you have the confidence to ask for what you think you deserve!  People like that.  I like that!  🙂

Like you said, the root of having hesitation is fear and lack of confidence, so find out what you need to do to fix that.  Everyone is different.  Read books, talk to friends and relatives, attend seminars.  I work on personal growth every day.  If anyone wants, feel free to email me for specific recommendations.  I don’t have the answers but I know what works for me!

I think it’s so important to tackle things from the source.  If you start charging but still have a lack of confidence, it’s not gonna work!  😉

Christine Chang
Christine Chang is a Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer based in Los Angeles.
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  • Deirdre Bacon-Gadison

    Wisdom, Thank You!!! A message in a bottle 🙂

  • Daniel Natial

    Hi your article helps, it made me realize that asking for what I think I deserve is great! I’m a starter in photography some wants me to take a photo of them but sometimes I refuse the offer for I don’t know how much I should charge them and if they will like outcome of the images that I will be providing to them. Thnx!

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