Allow Goodness Into Your Life

My bestie gave me a gift recently that I thought was too generous. She called me randomly and said, “Hey, I know you really want to do that thing you keep talking about, and I’m calling to tell you that it would make me really happy to do it for you.”  My immediate response was, “WHAT? No way Jess!.”

It’s a funny thing sometimes, when someone wants to do something nice for you.  A common response is, “I don’t deserve this,” which I think is the silliest thing EVER.  It’s such a simple concept but the epidemic (that people don’t think they deserve something) is way too common.

Jess & I.  Christmas 2009.

There is one and only one thing you have to do to have goodness (and what you want!) in this world.


Now I’m not talking about take, take, take, take, and take.  Thinking that you deserve something sets the tone for just about everything in your life.  It’s a reflection of your self-love.  If you are “stuck” in an unhappy job or relationship, chances are you think you deserve it.  On the contrary, if you think you deserve the best, you won’t settle for anything less!

I love my friends and “giving” has always been easy.  I do things for them because I like to but what is equally as important, is that I am learning to allow them to do things for me without feeling guilt, because it’s not guilt – it’s love.  I deserve it and I’m thankful for great friends who do nice things for me!

Being able to give is easy, but mastering the ability to receive with LOVE and GRATITUDE opens up a whole new world.

People often ask:  How do I attract the love of my life?  Customers?  Happiness?  Excitement?  Goodness?

Easy.  Think that you deserve it.  From there your energy and actions will be in tune with attracting (and allowing!) EXACTLY what you think you deserve, and you deserve the best.

Christine Chang
Christine Chang is a Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer based in Los Angeles.
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  • Kelsey

    Serious LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE on for this post! Girl you are such a huge inspiration! Love your work, love your vibe and mad respect for the epic awesomeness you beam into the collective consciousness by doing what you love and leading by example. My heart is very happy after reading your words and looking at your beautiful images!! xoxoxo

  • Kathy Romero

    Love this!!! Allow goodness in
    Your life. Don’t question it!

  • Jess

    I love you, Cc. Thank you for accepting my gift with love and excitement! You absolutely deserve it… but you already knew that!! 🙂

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